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Rich and Susan Rodenburg met in 1985, when Susan purchased a Cannondale racing bike from Rich at his bicycle shop in Lincoln. In 1988, the newly married couple decided to create their own statewide bicycle tour, Tour de Nebraska, which grew from 11 cyclists to more than 500 over its 30-year history.


The Rodenburgs sold Tour de Nebraska in 2017, which allowed them to embark on their dream to lead cycling adventures in Europe and beyond.


“We love exploring new places on a bicycle. Europe is filled with beautiful destinations and safe bicycling routes. Bicycling is part of the culture, so it is one of our favorite places to ride. We’re excited to share these types of experiences with our cycling friends,” Susan says.


Hound Dog Cycling is inspired by their love for cycling and Basset Hounds. The Rodenburgs had two Bassets, Sophie and Elsie, who served as faithful, loving mascots for Tour de Nebraska.  They recently added Josie (born in 2017) to start a new tradition with Hound Dog Cycling Adventures.


The Rodenburgs are thrilled to partner with Anne Fuldby-Olsen and the staff at Executive Travel to manage logistics and travel arrangements.


Take the plunge, and start your international cycling exploration with the Rodenburgs and Hound Dog Cycling Adventures!   

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